BSc (Computing) Programme

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There is still a significant shortage of up-to-date computing skills in the global environment. Organisations need to have access to these skills to make best use of computing and internet resource.

What will you learn in the UEL BSc degree programmes conducted at STM?


  • How to design and implement database systems
  • How computer hardware and software work together to provide a platform for information systems
  • How to develop web-based systems
  • How information systems can be used in a business context

Thinking skills

  • Problem solving
  • Evaluation and critical analysis
  • Self-appraisal and review of personal practice

Subject-Based Practical skills

  • Use of range of specialised computer technology, such as programming languages, databases, web site and other development packages
  • Preparation of essays, reports and presentations
  • Production of major self-directed project

Skills for life and work (general skills)

  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Learning and working both independently and in groups

Graduates of the BSc (Computing) degree programme are qualified for a variety of jobs including the analysis, design and development of computer-based information systems, database design and administration, network design, maintenance and support, internetworking and web-based development. The degree programme in computing is accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS), a professional body which represents the interests of many who work in the IT industry in the UK and abroad. Students who successfully complete the degree can be exempted from all parts of the BCS examinations. After a qualifying period, the student can apply to use the letters 'MBCS' (in addition to 'BSc') after his/her name.

In addition to the IT-related skills and knowledge acquired during the programme, students will develop a wide range of personal and professional skills including communication, presentation, negotiation, team working and time management skills. These sought-after skills will be useful throughout one's working life and will increase chances of finding a well-paid and interesting job after graduation.

Entry Requirements

  • A-levels or equivalent qualifications.
  • STM Degree Foundation.
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent.
  • Mature students with relevant work experience will be considered.

Applicants who do not satisfy any of the above requirements, may be required to do an STM Degree Foundation Course prior to the commencement of the BSc (Hons) Programme.

Course Modules

Semester 1 & 2 Modules*
Diploma in IT and Computing

1. Introduction to Information Technology
2. Maths for Computing and Introduction to Programming
3. Object Modelling Techniques
4. Business Framework
5. Multimedia and Graphics
6. E-Commerce and Web Design
7. Object Oriented Programming
8. Database Systems Management

Semester 3 & 4 Modules*
Advanced Diploma in IT and Computing

1. Networking & Data Communications
2. Human Computer Interaction
3. Operating Systems
4. Markup Language Applications
5. Server Side Web Programming
6. Software Project Management
7. Software Engineering
8. Client Server Architecture

Semester 5 & 6 Modules*

1. Advanced Database Development
2. Research and Academic Development
3. Workshop
4. Project Management
5. Management Information Systems
6. Project

* Courses listed above could vary from time to time depending on the subject availability and convenor availability at STM

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