ProCurve Network Access Control and Network Immunity Solutions Boot Camp

Hewlett Packard
This course is designed to prepare seasoned network engineers with the installation, configuration, and management of the ProCurve Network Access Controller (NAC) 800 appliance.

Course number HH251S

Delivery method
Onsite dedic ated training (OST)

Course overview
Additionally, students will gain the hands-on knowledge and skills required to implement ProCurve’s Network Immunity Solutions (NIS) to protect their network through configuring and troubleshooting ProCurve’s Network Immunity Manager both as a standalone threat detection and threat mitigation solution and as a combined solution with a third-party Intrusion Detection System (IDS).


  • Adaptive EDGE Fundamentals (AEF v6.11 or higher)
  • Building ProCurve Resilient, Adaptive Networks (BPRAN v7.41 or higher)
  • ProCurve Networking Security (SEC v7.31 or higher)
  • ProCurve Network Management (PCM v8.11 OR the former Network Management using ProCurve Manager, v6.41 or higher)

This course is designed for experienced ProCurve Networking channel partner systems engineers, network engineers, and network specialists who design and deploy security solutions.

The ProCurve NAC / NIS Boot Camp prepares participants for two of the required exams for the MASE - ProCurve Security Solutions Specialist certification within the HP Certified Professional program. The exam numbers associated with this course are HP0-Y15 and HP0-Y16. The certification tests are offered at Prometric test centers.

Benefits to you

  • Participants will be able to sell and perform services which include the design, deployment and support of secure ProCurve networks using the ProCurve NAC 800
  • Participants will be eligible to obtain ProCurve NAC 800 “certified installer” status
  • Participants learn about network behavior anomaly detection (NBAD) and how anomalous behavior corresponds to actual threats leveled against a network
  • Participants learn how to fine tune ProCurve’s Network Immunity Manager’s (NIM) threat detection capabilities for their environment, as well as how to design the most suitable threat mitigation policies for their environment
  • Participants experience hands-on training that will help them configure NIM both as a standalone solution and as a combined solution with a third-party IDS
  • Participants learn how to troubleshoot common problems that can stand in the way of effective threat detection and mitigation

Course objectives
After completing ProCurve NAC / NIS Boot Camp, students will be able to:

  • Describe the ProCurve ProActive Defense security framework
  • Describe the ProCurve Network Access Control solution and its architecture
  • Install and configure the ProCurve Network Access Controller 800
  • Describe and implement endpoint policy testing
  • Describe and implement the DHCP, inline, and 802.1X quarantine methods
  • Describe the distributed architecture support and implement high availability operation
  • Explain why a network immunity solution is vital to protecting your network from emerging threats
  • Define Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Describe the four components of the ProCurve Network Immunity Manager (NIM)
  • List the three options for deploying the Network Immunity Solution and give reasons for choosing a particular option
  • Install PCM+ and NIM, setting initial parameters to support NIM’s functions
  • Describe how NIM automatically monitors your network with default alerts, actions, and policies
  • Describe the three types of events that can trigger an alert in ProCurve NIM
  • Make an educated guess about the type of attack that caused NBAD to detect a particular anomaly
  • List actions NIM can take and choose appropriate actions to respond to particular alerts
  • Describe the capabilities of various ProCurve switches for supporting NIM
  • Configure alerts and actions and create basic NIM policies
  • Analyze security activity using PCM+ tabs and maps
  • Find events that are relevant to network integrity
  • Generate reports, manually and automatically
  • Complete the network immunity lifecycle and establish your baseline
  • Analyze results to establish your security policy
  • Use best practices to create policies customized to your environment
  • Set up your network infrastructure for a NIM+IDS deployment
  • Set up your third-party IDS to interoperate with NIM
  • Plan and create policies that mirrors suspicious traffic to an external IDS
  • Plan and create external alerts and policies that take action based on those alerts
  • Troubleshoot a NIM + IDS deployment

Course outline

  • ProCurve security overview
  • Introduction to the ProCurve NAC 800
  • DHCP quarantine method
  • Inline quarantine method
  • 802.1X quarantine method using IAS
  • 802.1X quarantine method using IDM
  • NAC 800 distributed architecture and high availability
  • ProCurve network immunity overview
  • Threat detection and mitigation
  • Reports and analysis
  • Security policy management
  • ProCurve Network Immunity Solution - NIM + IDS
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