ProCurve Network Management v8.11

Hewlett Packard
ProCurve Network Management v8.11 is designed to prepare network engineers or network professionals to install, configure, and use ProCurve’s ProCurve Manager V2.21, and Identity Driven Manager V2.2 network management applications.

Course number HH250S

Delivery method
Onsite dedic ated training (OST)


  • Adaptive EDGE Fundamentals (AEF v6.11 or higher)
  • ProCurve Security (Security v4.31 or higher)

This course is designed for network engineers and/or network professionals who need to learn about how to use ProCurve management tools to securely manage their devices and network.

ProCurve Network Management prepares participants for ASE Network Management certification within the HP Certified Professional program. The exam number is HP0-Y13. The certification test is offered at Prometric test centers. For registration information, contact your HP representative or visit

Course objectives
After completing ProCurve Network Management, students will be able to:

  • Install the server and client components of the ProCurve Manager network management application and the additional ProCurve Identity Driven Manager component
  • Configure ProCurve Manager, ProCurve Identity Driven Manager for normal operations
  • Update the software for ProCurve Manager, ProCurve Identity Driven Manager, and ProCurve network devices
  • Discover network devices and describe how network device discovery operates and examine physical network, subnet, and VLAN maps
  • Perform common device management and configuration tasks using PCM tools and access the device management interfaces from PCM
  • Use the Traffic Monitor to collect network activity statistics using XRMON, sFlow, and SNMP MIB facilities
  • Use the Events Browser to examine incoming events and trigger alerts based on incoming events
  • Use the Configurable Integration Platform to customize PCM+ by adding functionality and custom utilities to the tool bar
  • Use ProCurve Identity Driven Manager to implement network access controls based on a user’s or group’s identity
  • Use an external database report generation tool to access the PCM datastore using SQL or ODBC for custom report generation

Course outline

  • Major features of ProCurve Manager (PCM), ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM+), and ProCurve Identity Driven Manager
  • Procedures for installing ProCurve Manager, and ProCurve Identity Driven Manager, the licensing and registration procedures for these applications, and the process for updating the software
  • Overview of the PCM user interface, how to add PCM user types, and how the network device discovery process operates
  • Various device management tools and facilities of PCM including managing device access communication parameters, managing custom groups, accessing device management interfaces from PCM, and several network and logging tools
  • How to use PCM to manage software updates for ProCurve network devices. Includes how the process can be automated and manually managed
  • Features of the Configuration Manager which include scanning devices to collect configuration information, deploying a scanned configuration, sending a stream of CLI commands to a device, creating a configuration template that uses IP address substitution, and deploying a configuration template to one or more devices
  • Features of the VLAN Manager (a component of PCM+). The VLAN Manager allows administrators to create, modify, and manage VLANs for multiple devices at the same time
  • Features of the Policy Manager and Reporting (components of PCM+). The Policy Manager allows administrators to create, modify, and manage policies that perform a variety of configuration and management tasks for multiple devices at the same time. Reporting allows administrators to create reports for auditing and regulatory compliance purposes using the global Reports menu that provides access to pre-defined reports
  • Describe the Traffic Monitor (a component of PCM+). The Traffic Monitor allows administrators to monitor network traffic on links throughout a network and examine performance statistics that include link utilization percentage and packet transmission rates
  • Features that provide events and alerts management; the Events Browser allows you to examine incoming events from PCM application components and SNMP traps from managed devices
  • Describe the Configurable Integration Platform (CIP) that is supported by PCM+. CIP allows administrators to customize the user interface and extend the capabilities of PCM+
  • ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (an add-on application to PCM+). IDM extends the functionality of PCM+ to include authorization control features for edge devices in networks using RADIUS servers, Web-authentication, MAC-authentication, and 802.1X security protocols
  • Primary tasks the administrator performs when configuring ProCurve Identity Driven Manager to provide access control for network users. The IDM reporting features are also briefly covered
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